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Grumman Avenger (46214) at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Grumman TBM-3E Avenger (Bu69327) suspended in the American Air Museum at Duxford. This aircraft was built for the US Navy in 1944, joining the Royal Canadian Navy it later served as a crop-sprayer and fire-fighter before being written off in an accident. It came to Duxford in 1977 and went into long-term storage. Full restoration started in 1990 and the Avenger is painted in the US Navy colours of the aircraft flown by former US President George Bush.


(Picture December 2002)

Grumman Avenger taxing for take-off at the September 2002 Air Show at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Grumman TBM-3R Avenger  (Bu53319/G-BTDP) taxing for take-off at the September 2002 Air Show at Duxford. This aircraft initially served with the San Diego Naval Air Station, California  in May 1945. Originally built with a gun turret as a torpedo-bomber, it was converted to a transport variant which resulted in the removal of the turret. During it's service career it also operated from the US Carriers Carriers 'Bennington' and 'Valley Forge' before transferring to Norfolk, Virginia. Eventually retiring from service in June 1956 with a little over one thousand flying hours on the clock. After civilian use it was bought by Anthony Haig-Thomas in 1987 and was transported to the UK in 1989. It is based based at North Weald, Essex.


(Picture September 2002)


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