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Consolidated B24M (44-51228) in the American American Museum at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Newly-restored Consolidated B-24M Liberator (44-51228) in the American American Museum at Duxford is a credit to the Museum. This aircraft was originally built in early 1945 and spent most of it's operational career as an ice research aircraft. Retired in 1956, it is probably the last Liberator to be operated by the USAF. It then spent 43 years on external display at the parade ground at Lackland AFB, San Antonia, Texas before being dismantled and brought to the UK in return for a Spitfire MkVb.


(Picture December 2002)


Consolidated B24D nose at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Consolidated B-24D Liberator Nose "Fighting Sam" at Duxford. This exhibit was the result of Duxford obtaining two sections of nose that had been in store with the National Air and Space Museum, Washington. These were shipped to the UK in 1995 and were found to be from two different aircraft:  the nose was from an early B24-D used for training and the cockpit section was from a B24J. It is painted to represent a B24D that flew with the 389th Bomb Group at Hethel.


(Picture April 2003)


Consolidated B24L Liberator (KN751) at the RAF Museum, Cosford - Click for Full Image

Ex- Indian Air Force Consolidated B-24L Liberator (KN751) at the RAF Museum, Cosford. This aircraft was originally built by Ford at Michigan and was initially given the USAAF serial number 44-50206. Following a period in storage it was modified and allocated to the RAF as KN751 in India where it served with 99 Squadron. Following the end of it's RAF operational career late in 1946, it then served with the Indian Air Force as HE807 before being put into storage in Bangalore in the late 1960's. Donated to the RAF Museum, it was flown to the UK in 1974 before being transported to Cosford by road in 1976.


(Picture February 2003)




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