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Boeing B52D Stratofortress (56-0689) in the American Air Museum at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Boeing B-52D Stratofortress (56-0689) in the American Air Museum at Duxford is the only B52 on public display in Europe. Originally delivered to the USAF in October 1957, it had a 26 year operational career that included over 14,000 flying hours and approximately 200 combat missions during the Vietnam War. Presented to the RAF in 1983, it was passed to the Imperial War Museum for display and arrived at Duxford by air later that year. It is the largest aircraft to ever land at Duxford and the Duxford airstrip is the shortest a B52 has ever landed at. After 8 years exposed to the elements it was subject to an extensive restoration programme during the mid 1990's before being installed in the American Air Museum.


(Picture March 2003)



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