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Canadair Sabre (XB812) at Hendon (June 2001) - Click for Full Image


The Canadair Sabre F.4 (XB812) at the RAF Museum, Hendon is in immaculate condition. This Sabre was delivered to No.5 Maintenance Unit Kemble on 3/Jun/1953. The aircraft was ferried to Benson on 28/Jan/1954 by Flt Lt Burton, then ferried from Benson-Bruggen by Flt Lt Burton on 29/Jan/1954. It was then assigned to 112 Squadron, switching to 93 Squadron from 11/May/1954. On 3/Jun/1955 it was delivered to No.33 Maintenance Unit, Lyneham and was ferried to Aviation Traders at Stansted by 147 Squadron on 25/Aug/1955. It was then re-issued to 4a Aerobrigalo of the Italian Air Force. In 1976 it was transferred to the Galileo Galilei Technical Institute in Rome as a training aid. It was acquired by the RAF Museum in June 1993 and, following restoration work, has been displayed at Hendon since January 1994. 

(Picture November 2002)


Canadair Sabre tail at the Midland Air Museum - Click for Full Image


At the Midland Air Museum they have the tail section of a Canadair Sabre stored which was previously at Cranfield. They kindly let me get close to it to take the following image.



(Picture January 2003)


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