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General Dynamics F-111E (67-0120) at Duxford - Click for Full Image

General Dynamics F-111E (67-0120) in the American Air Museum at Duxford. Next to it is an F-111 escape module. This aircraft was built in 1969 and delivered to the USAF in October that year. It spent it's first year with the 481st Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) of the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. From November 1970 till March 1978 it assisted with operational training at the 442nd TFS at Nellis AFB, Nevada and afterwards it served for four years in a similar role with the 57th Tactical Training Wing at McClean AFB, California. From It later served with both the 79th TFS and 77th TFS at Upper Heyford in the UK. This aircraft participated in 19 missions during Desert Storm in 1991. After amassing 5,300 flying hours it was flown in to Duxford on the 19th October 1993. To ensure that it did not overrun the runway portable arrester cables were used - it is displayed in the markings of the 79th TFS at Upper Heyford.


(Picture March 2003)



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