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North American F-86A Sabre (48-178) at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Photographed at the September 2002 Duxford Air Show is the worlds only airworthy 'A-model' F-86 Sabre (48-178). It is also the oldest airworthy Sabre. It was built in 1949 and in April that year was delivered to the 1st Fighter Group at March AFB. In 1954 it was transferred to Air National Guard Duties before being discovered in a scrap yard in 1970. It's subsequent restoration is described in Chapter 12 of the Maurice Allward's F-86 Sabre book in the Modern Combat Aircraft Series. It even gets to appear on the cover of this fine book although it escapes me why they painted it white with a horizontal stripes following it's restoration. It couldn't look better now, reverting to a colour scheme of a Sabre serving in the early part of the Korean War. I am lucky to have seen this wonderful aircraft fly, a truly memorable experience! Similarly to Lockheed T-33A/N (42161) 'Silver Star' it is owned by the Golden Apple Trust it is operated by the Aircraft Restoration Company.

(Picture September 2002)


North American F-86A Sabre (48-242) at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Until summer 2002, North American F-86A Sabre (48-242) was a resident in the American Air Museum at Duxford. Following the arrival of the SR-71 Blackbird in the Museum building and a general reshuffle it has been moved out. In the line for restoration, this aircraft was built in 1949 and is believed to have in an accident as it was written off later that year. Obtained by Duxford from Planes of Fame Museum, Chino in exchange for a Meteor F4 it's condition on arrival was reported to be somewhat of a disappointment.


(Picture April 2003)


North American F-86D Sabre (56-0171) at North East Air Museum - Click for Full Image

The North East Aircraft Museum has the only F-86D in the UK. It was manufactured at Inglewood, California and was delivered to the USAF in September 1953, joining Air Defence Command and being assigned to the 37th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at Berlington Airport, Vermont. In October 1954 the aircraft went to Sacramento Material Area in California for work before joining 325th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at Hamilton AFB. It was at this base that this aircraft flew with the Sabre Knights aerobatic team. 


(Picture October 2001)


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