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Handley Page Halifax III ('LV907') at the Yorkshire Air Museum - Click for Full Image

The inspiring site of Handley Page Halifax III ('LV907') can be found at the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, York. This aircraft is a fitting tribute to the three Halifax squadrons that were based at Elvington during World War II. This reconstructed Halifax consists of a twenty foot fuselage section of Halifax II (HR792) that suffered an emergency "wheels up" landing on the Isle of Lewis in 1945 and was subsequently purchased by a crofter for use as a hen hut. The Halifax's wings are those of Handley Page Hastings TG536 and parts from Halifax LW687 and JP158. Other parts for this Halifax were built and the aircraft is painted to represent Halifax LV907 'Friday the 13th' which completed 128 missions during 1944 and 1945 while serving with 159 Squadron at Lisset near Bridlington. The real aircraft was put on display in Oxford Street after the war but was eventually scrapped.


(Picture March 2003)

Handley Page Halifax II (W1048) in the Bomber Hall at Hendon - Click for Full Image

The remains of Handley Page Halifax II (W1048) can be found in the Bomber Hall at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon. This aircraft served with 102 Squadron before joining 35 Squadron. It was while serving with 35 Squadron that following an attack on the German Battleship 'Tirpitz'  it undertook a forced landing on Lake Hoklingen, Norway on 27th April 1942. Recovered from the bottom of the Lake many years later it is displayed in the condition in which it was recovered (apart from a restored front turret).


(Picture March 2003)


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