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Avro Lincoln B.2 (RF398) at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford - Click for Full Image

Avro Lincoln B.2 (RF398) at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford. A development of the Lancaster, the Lincoln was soon outdated in it's post-war Bomber Command role due to the advent of jet-power. Over 580 Lincolns were built for the RAF and as far as I am aware this is the only complete example that remains. Supplied to 46 MU at RAF Lossiemouth in September 1945, this aircraft was subject to a variety of modifications during it's operational career. Part of the 1960 Battle of Britain Display at RAF Gaydon, it's last ever flight (and the last ever Lincoln flight) was in April 1963 when it was flown to RAF Henlow and placed in storage. It was displayed at RAF Abingdon for the RAF's 50th Anniversary Royal Review in June 1968. It was also in 1968 that it arrived at Cosford. 


(Picture May 2003)



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