Displays | Cockpit Fest 2003, Newark, 14th June 2003


Cockpit of Gloster Meteor F8 (WL131) at Cockpit Fest 2003 - Click for Full Image

Vampire T11 at Cockpit Fest 2003 - Click for Full Image Hawker Hunter F1 (WT684) at Cockpit Fest 2003 - Click for Full Image


Like the previous year, Cockpit Fest 2003 was treated to good weather. I visited on the Saturday afternoon (the event continues through Sunday). Whether some cockpits were yet to arrive I don't know but there were less cockpits than the previous year's event. The Hunter F1 (WT684) was on show again and is in great condition - this exhibit won last years competition. Particularly impressive to me was the adjacent Vampire T11 cockpit - complete with the Central Air Traffic Control School emblem. I have to say that this cockpit got my vote in the competition - some T11 cockpits can really show their age but not this one! Also present was tthe cockpit of Canberra B.2 (WJ676) which is normally located at Hooton Park, Cheshire.

As last year, the cockpits of Valiant B1 (XD875) (now a Newark resident), Meteor F8 (WL131), Canberra T4 (WJ880), Canberra PR7 (WT536) and Hunter F2 (WN890) were on show. I was particularly happy to see the Hunter F.2 as I had somehow managed to miss photographing it at the previous Cockpit Fest. It is usually resident at the South Yorkshire Aviation Museum (AeroVenture) which I had visited earlier in the day. The cockpit of Meteor F8 (WL131) is also resident at AeroVenture.

To sum up: not as many cockpits as last year but still a good day - I hope the Vampire T11 gets the prize!


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