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The following photograph was taken at the Greenville Air Force Base, Mississippi between April and June 1953. Following completion of his primary flight training at Malden AFB, my father moved on to flying the North American T28A, a piston-engined trainer that was designed to lessen the step between the piston-engined North American T6G trainer and the Lockheed T33 jet trainer.

The training at Greenville was very intense and saw my father start formation flying. His first flight at Greenville was on 7th April 1953 in North American T28 (719) and on 16th April 1953 he flew a T28 solo for the first time. His final flight at Greenville was on 4th June 1953, during his time at Greenville he completed nearly 54 flying hours in the T28.

For more information about the history of the base, visit the website of the Greenville AFB Museum.

North American T28A at Greenville Air Force Base - Click for Full Image
North American T28A at Greenville AFB.

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