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After obtaining his wings at Foster Air Force Base, my father progressed to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. His first flight from the base saw him being flown in a Lockheed T33 by Captain Tuel down the Grand Canyon. At Nellis, he learnt fighter tactics in preparation for combat (primarily Korea), initially in the Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star and then in the F86F Sabre. He fired rockets and dropped concrete bombs from the Shooting Star and, in the Sabre, fired on air targets pulled by B26 Invaders and on ground targets. As this was a USAF Base, photography was not encouraged and so there are no images from this period.

During his time at Nellis, he flew approximately 34 flight hours in Shooting Stars and approximately 40 hours in Sabres. By the time he completed his training, the Korean War had ended.


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