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Supermarine Swift FR.5 (WK277) at Newark Air Museum - Click for Full Image

Supermarine Swift FR.5 (WK277) at the Newark Air Museum was originally constructed as an F.4 in May 1955 but was subsequently converted to a fighter reconnaissance FR.5 variant. It later served with 2 Squadron of the RAF as part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force in Germany. There was a plan to convert the aircraft to a jet car in an attempt to break the world land speed record. Thankfully for the sake of the aircraft this plan was not realised and it arrived at Newark in 1969. This aircraft has been subject to restoration in late 2002 and it's paintwork looked great when photographed on early 2003

(Picture February 2003)


Supermarine Swift F.4 (WK198) at North East Air Museum - Click for Full Image


Fuselage of Supermarine Swift F.4 (WK198) at North East Air Museum. This is the aircraft that Mike Lithgow set a new world air speed on 28th September 1953.



(Picture August 2001)


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