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Lockheed U-2C (56-6692) in the American Air Museum at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Lockheed U-2C (56-6692) is suspended from the roof in the American Air Museum at Duxford. It is one of only two examples on display in Europe. Originally a U-2A it was the 19th U-2 to be built and was first flown in October 1956. This particular aircraft operated from Giebelstadt, Germany for a year from late 1956; flying photographic missions over Soviet territory. Later in it's operational career it flew for a period from Taiwan, undertaking photographic missions over Communist China. Spending time as a two-seater; it was returned to single seater configuration at RAF Alconbury in September 1991 just prior to it's transportation by road to Duxford.


(Picture March 2003)



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