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Avro Vulcan B.2 (XM594) at Newark Air Museum - Click for Full Image

Avro Vulcan B.2 (XM594) at the Newark Air Museum is the 58th Vulcan to be built. It was first flown in May 1963 and flew for the last time when it arrived at Newark from Waddington to Newark on the 7th February 1983. The Captain for this flight being Squadron Leader Neil McDougall who was awarded the DFC in the Falklands War. However, XM594 did not see action in this conflict. It served with 27, 1010 and 44 Squadron. This cockpit is often open for a small charge - well worth it!

(Picture August 2002)


Avro Vulcan B2 (XM575) at East Midlands Aeropark - Click for Full Image

The East Midlands Aeropark has Vulcan (XM575) which is resplendent in it's wrap-around camouflage. It dominates the site! This aircraft served with 9, 101, 617 and 44 squadron at Waddington. It was prepared for use in the Falklands but eventually did not take part in the hostilities. On one of my visits this Vulcan cockpit was open to the public for a small charge - money well spent in my opinion! 

(Picture April 2003)


Vulcan B.2 (XL318) at Duxford - Click for Full Image

Vulcan B.2 (XJ824) is preserved at Duxford. This aircraft entered service with 27 squadron at Scampton in May 1961. Late in 1963 it joined 230 OCU at RAF Finningley before being based at Cottersmore from May 1965 to February 1969. During this time it had a number of detachments to Waddington and spent time in Cyprus with both 9 and 35 Squadron. During the 1970's and early 80's it spent time at both Waddington and Scampton before being flown to Duxford in March 1982. This aircraft was used in 1964 by Sir John Grandy, the then Commander-in-Chief RAF Bomber Command, for a round-the-world tour. Like Vulcan B.2 (XL318) at Hendon this Vulcan is protected from the elements. Unlike Hendon though, Vulcan B.2 (XL318) is more accessible and there is an overlooking balcony that enables a great aspect of the aircraft to be seen.

(Picture August 2002)


Avro Vulcan B2 (XM612) at Norwich - Click for Full Image

Avro Vulcan B.2 (XM612) dominates the site of the City of Norwich Aviation Museum. This particular aircraft was originally delivered to 9 Squadron before serving with 101 and 44 Squadrons. She was a back-up aircraft for operations during the Falklands War. The aircraft still possesses the extra dark grey colour to its underside that was applied for that conflict. It is in fine condition.

(Picture August 2002)


Nose of Avro Vulcan B.2 (XL388) at the South Yorkshire Air Museum (AeroVenture) - Click for Full Image

The nose of Avro Vulcan B.2 (XL388) at the South Yorkshire Air Museum (AeroVenture).

(Picture June 2003)


Avro Vulcan B.2 (XL319) at the North East Air Museum - Click for Full Image

Vulcan B.2 (XL319) at the North East Air Museum, Sunderland. This aircraft arrived at what was then Sunderland Airport (now the Nissan factory) on 21st January 1983. It was the largest aircraft to land there and was the first Vulcan to released to an independent museum.

(Picture October 2001)

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